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Social Mobility

Let me ask you these questions:
1. Are you Socially Mobile ?
2. Do you have a defined Social Mobility Strategy in place ?
3. If Social Mobility isnt part of your core strategy yet , how will your company compete with those that have their Strategy defined ?
4. Are you aware that Social Mobility has the ability to increase your sale and customers ?

Social Mobility is a term I coined to describe the convergence of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook etc.) and the Mobile world (Web Apps, Native Apps etc.).
We have seen a trend by various Advertising Agencies offering Social Media services - most doing it wrong. You can not stick a square peg in a round hole. You can not take traditional Advertising and splash it onto the Web and expect it to work.

The true power of Social Media and Mobile will be married correctly in Social Mobility Services.
Barriers such as interoperability between devices/ browsers and cellular network speeds are a thing of the past.
More importantly people are no longer afraid to use their mobile device to make more than just phone calls.

The question of how to use Social Mobility to drive customers to you is THE question...(did I mention I coined that Term ?)

What is Social Mobility ?
Social Mobility is the method in which your business and organisation is able to reach out and love your customers no matter where they are and at any time.
Social Mobility is all about creating a 2-way communication with customers and offering them the ability to engage with your business in their preferred method - be it from an iPad device, Blackberry phone, Netbook or Twitter.

Whats on offer ?
As the industry-specialist in this field, I am able to provide Social Mobility Strategy sessions with your business in order to correctly map out the way forward for your business to take advantage of these new channels.
I am also able to provide coaching and facilitate correct partner-selection to ensure that the Mobile Strategy is successful and is part of the growth of your business.

What is the aim of every business ? Achieve more sales and make more money - using Social Mobility, I can show you how.

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