Liron Segev

:: CEO, Entrepreneur, IT Consultant, Business Believer and
:: Social Mobility Specialist - just ask me how ?

Business Portfolio - my own companies:

SwiftSMS - an SMS messaging specialist company that specialises in developing customised company-specific SMS and Mobile applications as well as offering SMS tools which are integrated into Outlook, Excel and Vista Sidebar. We also offer companies their own SMS gateway, SMS Shotcodes, Competition and other marketing related mobile facilities.
We develop Mobile Applications & Mobi sites.

Swift Consulting - an IT consulting business. We offer non-biased non-emotional real advice to companies who are either a) need reassurance before they are about to spend money on equipment/ network/ infrastructure or b) who would like advice on their current systems to identify bottleneck, problem areas and area where money can be saved.

Business Portfolio - Consulting companies:

I consult to many companies on various busienss automation, processes, new technologies, mobile & social media.

Contact Me:

Give me a call on +27 83 788 1911