Liron Segev

:: CEO, Entrepreneur, IT Consultant, Business Believer and
:: Social Mobility Specialist - just ask me how ?

What can I do ?

Having been exposed to organisations, corporates and busienss in numerous countries, my strength comes into offering your buisness real-world and practicle experience.
I am able to:

  • Break the barrier between IT and Business.
  • Translate what the business requires into IT "speak" and what IT needs into Business "speak" thereby bringing both parties to the same page.
  • Examine your current network infrastructure
    - Business need their IT infrastructure to work, but they don't need to be constantly throwing more and more money at IT. I am able to frequently find cost-saving solutions without losing performance
  • "Do we need to spend this kind of money ?"
    - This is a question I hear often in my consulting practice. I examine what you spending your IT money on and see if you need to purchase those items or if there are alternatives
  • Provide business advise on strategic business goals, procedures and processes

Contact Me:

Give me a call on +27 83 788 1911